ICLON receives Erasmus+ grant for collaboration with Kazakhstan

Recently the Graduate School of Teaching at Leiden University (ICLON) received an ERASMUS mobility grant for a collaborative project with three universities in Kazakhstan. The project foresees a mobility flow of Kazakh staff to the Netherlands and Dutch staff to Kazakhstan for training activities.

ICLON, the Graduate School of Teaching at Leiden University connects theory and practice of teaching through the application of academic knowledge to issues of classroom practice. ICLON enthusiasticly adheres to the internationalisation policy of Leiden University. ICLON offers teacher training (World Teacher Program), training for Leiden University staff on ‘teaching and learning in the international classroom’ and an international summer school on Blended Learning. Furthermire ICLON executes training programs in countries such as Kazakhstan, Chile, Uganda, Ghana, Lithuania, China, Oman and recently for Syrian refugees. In Central Asia, ICLON has worked in the framework of the Bolashak program with individual staff members of a number of partner universities in Kazakhstan. Leiden collaboration with Kazakhstan.

Leiden collaboration with Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan is pursuing the internationalisation of higher education in Kazakhstan since its independence in 1991. In this context, Kazakhstan has encouraged the implementation of the European structure of academic, a national quality-assurance system and a Western-style credit system. In the framework of the Kazakh government sponsored Bolashak Program, thousands of students and staff have studied in western countries over the last 20 years, for bachelor, masters and PhD courses and for tailor made training courses. Over the last three years ICLON, in cooperation with Dutch Academic Services, provided four times a three month training program for more than 60 staff members from a wide range of Kazakh universities. The program concentrated on educational methods, action research and project management in higher education.

The new ERASMUS project aims to reinforce and broaden this cooperation with three partner universities from Kazakhstan: Innovative University of Eurasia in Pavlodar, Gumilyov Eurasian National University in Astana and KASGUU University in Astana.

All three universities follow the policy lead on internationalisation of the Kazakh government and emphasise the importance of having strong international programs and partners. In March 2016 six Kazakh staff members will come to Leiden to design and prepare for a one week Educational Staff Development training. This training will be executed in Kazakhstan in May 2016 at the three universities involved. Leiden and Kazakh staff will act as co-tutors during this training.

For more information on the project, please contact Mr Henk Frencken.

Laatst Gewijzigd: 19-02-2016